Monday, September 12, 2011

There's No Room.

The world is filled with a landscape of energy. As you journey through each individual day, each moment you experience new terrain with each step. Many times there is a bountiful and colorful garden before you. Each color brighter than the next, lifting your day and inspiring you with gratitude for the world that you live in.

When you have a garden such of this you mind it with reverence, enjoying each glance and each breath. You tend to it if you want to keep it in such condition. Nourishing the soil with nutrients and water, manicuring it to keep it's aesthetics and the room to grow and develop.

Occasionally, you will run into a weed or a dry patch..threatening to ruin the landscape that surrounds you. Sometimes you are what is stifling your garden to flourish with the way you care for it, your garden needing more than you are providing.

That is your life, that is the energy that surrounds you in your life. The ultimate goal is to live in a landscape of energy that lifts you, inspires you and the world around you. Interruptions of energy pop up in your life and garden that have the power to completely overpower the beauty of your garden. Negative energy, like a weed can suffocate all of the positive energy in your landscape. It can change the world around you and who you are as a person. There is no room for weeds and flowers to grow in the same pot.

Circumstances, disagreements, different point of views..all of these things make up our world. Respect the energy presented to you and then walk away from it. Do not take it on, do not plant it in your landscape, do not own it. Move away respectfully and continue nourishing your garden with positivity and things that inspire you.

Create your world, create the energy you want in your emotional landscape.

There's No Room.

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