Monday, January 2, 2012


Encore: An extra or repeated performance. An additional or repeated performance of something in response to a demand from an audience.

Every time around this year, we all think of things we want to change in our self. Things we want to elevate and resolve to do better. We look at ourselves with critical eyes and give our self the task to change. It is a rite of passage. A new opportunity and I embrace it with open arms.

This year however, I want to take a moment to celebrate. Celebrate who we all are for each of our successes and failures. Take a moment and really celebrate yourself. What makes you amazing?  What makes you who you are? What are you proud of?

Before moving into your resolutions of what you want to change in your life, give yourself credit for the things that you do really well. What do you want to continue on and do a repeat performance of in the year to come? Each and every one of us have something we contribute and something that makes a difference to ourselves and the world around us. Be proud.


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