Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black Diamond.

We all are faced with challenges. Monthly, Weekly, Daily, all matters where we are in our life. We ask ourselves why this is happening to us, when are we going to catch a break but in is not really about the challenge but more so how do we approach the challenge that makes the difference.

By nature when I see a challenge that is frustrating or uncomfortable I would much rather skate around it and avoid it.It is just my personality. I flee. Others might enjoy the challenge, some might even love challenges so much they create them out of thin air just to feel the anger or adrenaline that comes from them.

All ways can be approached better. Which ever category you fit into, take a step back and really make the decision that you are going to take each challenge and approach it from a more balanced and elevated stance. Using logic, emotion, compassion and strength to move you through and in turn truly giving you a new perspective and life experience.

This year, in fresh beginnings and starts..I am dedicated to approaching challenges and high level frustrations and really meeting them with a new stance. The key is truly meeting them.

Black Diamond.

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