Monday, January 16, 2012

Leave You Blind.

It is so easy to be distracted and blinded from ourselves. From all of the stimulation of media, technology and entertainment it is easy to get away from ourselves and live on almost an auto pilot. True moments of quiet and clarity give you the opportunity to see and feel yourself for all of the amazing that you are and also all of the faulty you are. We need to give ourselves the opportunity to appreciate the good in us as well  as the things that make us less than what we could be. Each and every one of us are daily making wonderful choices to better our lives and the lives around us and on the same note, each and every one of us are making choices that will hold us back and the people around us.

It is in these still, quiet moments that are unclouded by the noise of entertainment, media, technology and socialization that we can really look at ourselves with honest and eager eyes. Give yourself those moments. Allow yourself to be completely in the moment, to be honest with who you are, for all you are. Celebrate the greatness in you and change the parts of you that are less desirable. The true point not allow yourself to be in a constant state of distraction or blindness for the reality of life is far better than any entertainment or numbness.

Leave You Blind.

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