Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We all have our daily things and routines that make us who we are. They set the stage for us to feel comfortable and prepared for life. So what happens when your routine gets disrupted? How adaptable are you at practicing flexibility? I will tell you..I am about as routine driven as you can get without having MTV follow you around and film a True Life documentary about someone being so OCD they have to count to 347 before eating a sandwich. Okay perhaps that's overdramtic..but I like routine. So this is a lesson I am really trying to master as my routine gets interrupted.

So, we all have this ideal when we wake up in the morning about what our day for better or worse is going to look like. For some, it is filled with visions of singing birds making their bed and cooking them breakfast while others pre-plan the worst case scenario complete with a doomsday soundtrack and permanent chip on their shoulder in order to prepare themselves for anything. Either way, something is going to enter into their lives and their daily routine and introduce new experiences for them despite themselves.

A challenge will be placed in front of the sunny disposition and a ray of positivity is going to be placed before the more negative person. It is the natural order of life to stretch us beyond ourselves. So take it. Take each day and each new energy and opportunity and bring it in with open arms, allowing it in to mold your day and your life into something more..something bigger than you.

Positivity, negativity, ease, challenge, joy and pain..make it a part of your routine as it presents itself.


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