Monday, August 8, 2011

Live Today.

I don't live my life with the intention to be the lucky SOB to end up on Willard Scott's "You are super old and now we are going to give you a shout out brought to you by Smucker's" segment.  I don't wake up every morning excited for the next decade. I don't see each of my friends and take each meeting with a new acquaintance the entire time thinking of the next time we will meet again. I live for today. Each moment in the moment, each experience from the mundane to the fantastical.

I have not always lived that way, I by nature am a resident of Lala Land and in Lala Land everything takes place in daydreams and daydreams take place in the future. This year though, as I was off in Lala Land, dreaming and scheming my next place I looked up and saw that damn Smucker's segment on the Today Show and realized "What if there is not an indefinite amount of time to live our lives?". In that second I snapped back to the moment I was living in and decided that daydreaming the future would be fine and yet I needed to be more present in the actual moment that I have been given to experience.

I sipped my coffee and appreciated how delicious it was, I took in the simple moment I was in. Nothing earth shattering was going on in that moment, nothing noteworthy and yet..I enjoyed it. Ever since, I treat each moment as it is. I am fully present from the uneventful to the exciting, the painful to the joyous. I appreciate my career and the daily amazing moments, I appreciate the people that I share my life with day to day.

Now, when I want something..I grab it. I don't worry about "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda's" anymore..if things were meant to work out, they will..if not, I put my two cents in to the Universe and knew that I tried before moving on to experience what the next moment has in store for me. I live with the nothing ventured, nothing gained mentality from the smallest things to the grandest of things. I put myself and each moment out there with a sense of entitlement because we are all entitled to go out there and really live for today..not for what could be. You will never know what could have been if you don't just follow your wants, needs and dreams in the moment for the moment could come and go..leaving you and your hopes in the dust.

Gone are the days that I take each day for granted. You never know when you are going to sip your last amazing sip of coffee, roll your eyes at that thing that annoys you, buy that thing that will make you smile, kiss that person that makes your knees weak, hear that song that moves you, do that thing that exhausts you, cry messy tears, act on that impulse you feel or laugh with that person that shares your humor. it. Don't delay today for what could be tomorrow because you may find that tomorrow never comes.

Live Today.

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