Friday, August 12, 2011


Friendly agreement: a situation in which there is friendly agreement or accord
Pleasing combination of sounds: a pleasing combination of musical sounds
Notes sung or played together: a combination of notes that are sung or played at the same time.

Harmony. It surrounds us each day from a group of birds chirping to a feeling that everything just fits perfectly in that very moment to a simple song that fills the air in such a way that all time and place stops. Harmony, to me is everything. It is where I find beauty, where I find sanctuary and where my zen lies.

How do you find harmony? Think about that for just a moment. When you feel as if you have found your place, the place that you were designed to be at physically and spiritually. Now, today..go there. Go to your home, wherever that might be, with whoever that might be, doing whatever it might be that gives you harmony and surround yourself with it.

When you have hit a perfect chord, it encapsulates you to a state where you worry of nothing. Every one and everything around you is second fiddle to the symphony that fills your air.

All will be right in the world from your place of harmony and most importantly, all will be right with you. Your home, your zen, your happiness, your harmony.


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