Monday, August 15, 2011

Be True.

There is nothing more beautiful, more raw, more pure than the being true to yourself and to those around you. As we spend each day of our lives,each moment of our days we have to ask ourselves..were we living up to our true selves?

Within each of us, there is a beautiful and organic version of ourselves. This person to the core is who we are in our purest of forms before outside elements, circumstances and situations begin to cloud or detour us. So take a moment...look within yourself..are you giving the organic you the chance to shine and live?

If there is anything in your way, clouding who you were designed to be..begin slowly letting any of those things fall from you. Free yourself from anything that is changing who you are in a way that is not pleasing to you. Get in touch with that person within, know them, honor them, love them, give them the opportunity to live through you even against the elements.

Be the you that you have always wanted to be, it is never too late to begin each day. It could change your life as you know it as well as the lives of those around you.

Be True.

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