Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrate Kindness.

Kindness.  It is a word that I use in my vocabulary so often and yet even at that I am still taken back with so much gratitude when I watch it being displayed. I don't think I will ever become jaded to seeing kindness. This past week, I saw examples of kindness and friendship that reminded me that you do not have to wait for the energy you put out there to come back around to you because simply having good energy and kindness will surround and enrich you in that very moment. You make your world, you design the energy around you.

When I wake up in the morning, I try my very best to decide how I want my day to feel and how I want the day to feel to others that are going to share it with me. I am not a perfect person but I really feel like if you want a great day, and you want to have positive connections it is as simple as deciding to do it.  It is my aim, to spend my time with others supporting them and the things that make them happy. That opportunity is one of the things that wakes me up in the morning because to support one another and show kindness can cause such a ripple effect of positivity and amazing energy in your world and the world of others.

So, I just have to share an example of friendship and kindness that really blew me away. As many of you know, my ex and I are still very good friends and not in a "Sure you are" kind of way but we genuinely feel compassion and kindness to each other as family, as if we were brother and sister. People are always in shock at that because divorce usually always ends badly or unresolved but we really support one another and always will. We help each other in various ways all of the time but this past weekend really made me feel gratitude and respect for the theory of kindness.

The front tires on my car were looking shot to hell and I have been traveling a lot for work, driving and am about to drive to LA for fun this weekend. He noticed it and pretty much offered to go run the errand of getting my tires taken care of since he knew I hated physically doing things like that. I was in awe that he would offer to waste his day off stuck at the tire shop while I got to spend my day off watching movies in my PJ's. That, is kindness and paying it forward. I told him he was crazy and too nice and then tossed him my keys while going back to my Snuggie. We are just like that and I am grateful that I can have a family member out of a relationship that in so many other's experienced would have ended in a negative way. It is the way it is because we respect not only each other but the balance of being kind to the people that live in our world. We believe in positivity and building friendship with others through kindness.

It just shows that if you build connections and friendships with people in your life, you will have a world full of family and support no matter what the situation and title. So show kindness, build the energy around you that you want to have. It is true, the energy you put out there will come back to you but more importantly, in that moment..you have created a positive energy and environment that you will be happy to live in that very moment. You will be happy.

So support the people in your life, create a kind and positive world to live in against all odds and elements. Think about what you can do to support and share love with those in your life from the simplest of things to the larger, more monumental things. Are you adding to the world and the people around you or hindering? Create your world and the environment you want to live in.

Celebrate Kindness.

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