Wednesday, November 7, 2012

See What I See.

When we were children, we looked at ourselves as invincible, talented and full of possibilities. As we grow, we tend to adopt outside feedback good or bad as our own. The way we view ourselves and the way we interact with others and others view us is what forms our confidence or lack there of. The mirrored image is also what creates our reality.

It is a beautiful thing when we take perceptions of others and use them to build us up or change our behaviors for the better. By doing that, and truly getting a clearer image of who you are as a person and what makes you talented and amazing you shine with confidence from the inside and out. In turn, when  we also listen to the things about us that others perceive as getting in our way or holding us back from a positive interaction or outcome, it is then that we can truly grow and look in the mirror with an unbiased and always growing image of ourselves.

Listen and look..but not just look. See. Truly match your perspective for the world around you.

See What I See.

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