Monday, October 8, 2012

Hold The Key.

Keys. They have so much power and yet we only seem to notice the doors. At a glance, depending on where you stand and what your perspective is..the door can represent a roadblock, an entry to the unknown. It can also represent security from outside elements and privacy. It is so easy to get involved in the outer elements of the door and lose focus of the most powerful element in the situation, the key.

A key is so small and so insignificant at a glance but it is truly the component that can change the entire situation of what the doors significance means to you. A key can unlock a boundary, a key can create a boundary. It is yours for the choosing. 

Are you looking at a door as an obstacle? Are you hesitating on the next step you want to take in life simply because there is a door? Look beyond, find the keys that you have..try them on for size. Empower yourself to find solution and the key to overcome your roadblocks and hesitations. 

Hold the key. 

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