Thursday, June 7, 2012

Forever On The Outside, Never Getting Inside.

Each day is a spiritual journey and the progressive world around us is almost designed to create and environment so that we forget that so easily. Be it technology, media, industry, business..we are distracted at every turn of our day and lives to place importance on the outside. Enhancing financial success, driving our energy towards dollars and cents, prestige and status. We are forever on the outside and each day that we spend our efforts on the outside, we lose touch with the inside. 

So what can you do? How can you get back in touch with your spiritual self and the natural spiritual world around you? It is as simple as 15 minutes a day. 15 minutes to unplug, 15 minutes of quiet and the opportunity to just be in touch with yourself. It may be 15 minutes of stretching, 15 minutes of taking a walk or even just 15 minutes of writing or contemplating. Whatever speaks to you and gives you the chance to think uninterupted thoughts and communicate with who you are at the core. 

Each day is a spiritual journey. Don't let one more day pass you by without getting to experience a bit of the spiritual with the journey. 

Forever On The Outside, Never Getting Inside.  

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