Thursday, April 26, 2012

Step Inside.

Parameters, fences, walls, locks, barriers..they all exist for a reason. We naturally have an understanding of the lines that we are to stay in, we naturally have a respect for it. It creates order and security. Within all of us lies a sense of gratitude for the rules and boundaries that are placed in our lives while at the same time, there is a crusader dying to get out and challenge those lines, wanting to break free and start a revolution. I know that balance well for I enjoy the order of life while always wanting to push the status quo. 

However, what if we were to just for a moment step into the center of the box we are all placed in and take it in. What could be we learn, what could we all see if we were to truly sit back and experience the status quo that comes naturally with each of our situations before tearing down the walls of revolution? 

Progress is not a luxury but rather a dire necessity for the evolution of our lives and the lives of others however, before elevating and stretching the boundaries, we all must first have mastered the status quo. Learned all there is to learn at an elementary level. There are skills for us to learn emotionally, mentally, spiritually and practical in the training grounds of the status quo. 

Celebrate your status quo. Step inside those walls. Master them.. Have reverence for them. Then push them, elevate your world and the world around you. 

Step Inside. 

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